1951 Willys Overland Ranch Wagon 4x4, Texas Barn Find, One Family Owned Since New, Celebrated History

1951 Willys Overland Ranch Wagon 4×4, Texas Barn Find, One Family Owned Since New, Celebrated History

Purchased October 29th 1951 from Ray Barker Motor Company in El Paso, TX by Fredrick Love for use on the Love’s Ranch in Organ, NM. This spread was originally owned by legendary New Mexico lawman Pat Garrett who was assassinated (shot in the back) in 1908 near the property. The land was bought from Garrett’s family by a neighboring rancher who later sold it to Dr. Jerome D. Love, M.D.


The “Love” Willys was put to work for ranch chores hauling hay bales, windmill vanes, saddles, and went on deer hunts and escorted folks who came out to visit from the city. The Willys took cub scouts on field trips and survived, trained teenage drivers, went to a high school prom, delivered newspapers and survived. Graduation from the University of Texas at El Paso and then after resting in the dry desert for over 40 years, the Willys now shows you what a true survivor is made of.


Showing its virility, it’s needing some new seals and such. The Willys acquired some mesquite tree thorn scratches, venison blood stains and some various  rock scrapes from the San Andreas Mountains where it traveled along wagon ruts and cattle trails. All body, frame, engine, aged paint patina, and bumpers are original to the vehicle when it left the Willys factory assembly plant in Toledo, OH in September 1951. Bearing matching numbers, the mileage is accurate for this one-family owned vehicle.


Some Features Include:

6 volt electrical system

Willys Paint Trim “Grand Canyon”

Model 4×4-134F

Hurricane 72 hp. Engine

T90 Transmission with 4 Wheel Drive plus Transfer Case 2 Speed Dana floor shifter

15 gallon gas tank

Fold forward seats for easy access/hauling

90 degree pivoting tail light for long cargos

Steward-Warner gas fueled cabin heater

Skid Plate with 8 ½ inch ground clearance

Vehicle bumper jack and spare tire



1951 Willys Station Wagon: Survivor class requires as much original product to be preserved as possible.

Operating and safety come first.


Vehicle should always be stored inside a covered space as leaks can happen and rust will accumulate fast, particularly on floor pans.


Information on original and necessary preservation to date.

(Mostly all “soft parts” needed replacement).




  • Original Owner’s Manual
  • Original Frame and Body
  • Original Exterior Sun Visor
  • Original Flooring Wood Slats(retained and refinished)
  • Original Glass (mostly, all with new weather seals)
  • Original “Patina” Paint(retention adds value)
  • Original Gauges (all still working)
  • Original Deteriorated Hard Rubber Steering Wheel (replaced)
  • Original Floor Pans (replaced)
  • Original Most Bumpers Re-chromed (dent easily)
  • Original Gasoline Fired Cabin Heater (disconnected non-functional)
  • Original Grill Pieces, Badges, and 4 Wheel Drive Trim
  • Original Door and Interior Panels(window trim recoated as needed)
  • Original Wheels W/New Tires
  • Original Cane Handle Emergency Brake(new cable)
  • New Undercoating
  • New Master Brake and all 4 Wheel Cylinders and Pads(replaced)
  • New Floor Mats
  • New Seat Covers and Headliner


Engine and Transmission

  • Original Generator(rebuilt)
  • Original Carburetor(rebuilt)
  • Original Starter Motor(rebuilt)
  • Original Oil Bath Air Filter(cleaned and re-oiled)
  • New Air Hose
  • Original Brass Radiator(polished and flushed, could be cored out)
  • Original Clutch (replaced)
  • Original Solenoid, Distributor Cap, and Points (replaced)
  • Original Gaskets on Engine were Leather(previously replaced)
  • Original Whale Oil used as Differential Lubricant(replaced)
  • Original Rear Engine Main Seal(replaced)
  • Original Differential Seals(replaced)
  • Original Tail Pipe(replaced)
  • Original Water Pump, Hoses, and Fan Belt(replaced)


Electrical System

  • Original Wiring Harness(still working and active) 6V
  • Original Head and Parking Lights(original wiring, new headlight switch)
  • Original Tail Light Wiring with New Light
  • Original Working Horn(horn button difficult to install)
  • Original Voltage Regulator and Horn Relay(replaced)
  • Original Spark Plugs and Wires(replaced)
  • New 6V Battery(cut off switch)
  • Battery Charger/Maintainer(used when parked)
  • New Radio and Antenna(not hooked up, needs 6V negative to 12V negative converter, needs speakers)


Fuel: Must Use Non-Ethanol Fuel Always(ethanol fuel quickly deteriorates many engine components, use ethanol testing kit.)

  • Original Fuel Pump and Fuel Lines (replaced)
  • New Gas Tank with Float(replaced, needs calibrating)
  • Original Gas Cap and Filler Hose(replaced)


Manual gear shift pattern diagram inside door of glove box.

Spare tire lug wrench and scissor jack under seat storage.

Never use bumper jacks.

Use wheel chocks when parked.

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