1966 Lincoln Continental

1966 Lincoln Continental

The owner purchased the 1966 Lincoln in Wenatchee, WA in 1984. The odometer reading at the time was in the low 40,000. It had a complete engine overhaul in 1992-3. Transmission and rear end were overhauled around 2000. New interior and new paint was done in 2012. The present odometer reading is in the low 60,000. The owner suspects that the odometer has turned over once before they had the car so total miles is probably 160,000. Both of the owners daughters learned to drive in the Lincoln and it was the car they both drove to high school. They both also used the Lincoln as the getaway car at their weddings. After the owner’s daughters stopped driving the car it was used it as an airport car. It was kept at several different small airports around Washington State so there was always ground transportation. Wenatchee, Twisp, Chelan, Winthrop, Snohomish and Port Townsend. Sometime is was in a Hanger and sometimes not. It looks good and drives good.

The previous owner who had the car up until 1984 told the current owner that the car was from Texas and it was previously owned by President Lyndon Johnson. He claimed that it was the Lincoln that the President was driving when he got a speeding ticket while driving it from a Texas State Highway Patrolman somewhere in south Texas near Lady Bird’s big ranch. The story was that the Texas Highway Patrolman was fired the next day. Not sure if the story is true, but always shares it.

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