1970 Volkswagen Crew Cab

1970 Volkswagen Crew Cab Older Re-Paint, Clean Correct Underside

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One older repaint. Excellent in and out and operates correctly. Clean correct underside, no repairs.

Hurst stick shift column. Most VW’s had a sticky job to find reverse. This one has a special shift kit for shifting that works really good – with reverse lockout.

It has additional aftermarket German wing window locks. New rubber seals in the channels around those windows. (much more secure than the original locks).

Canadian build, they didn’t import them for the US.

It had dual gas tanks for long distance, but the other tank has been removed. There is room and a tank door to go under the back seat or behind the luggage compartment.

Was taken down to bare metal and waxed to show that the bed has NO RUST. Hasn’t been stored outside in years & years. No RUST in the wing panels. No rust underneath.

Aftermarket sunroof that doesn’t leak.

Heater works well.

Speedometer doesn’t read correctly – might be in KPH despite saying MPH. (Perhaps replaced with a MPH one and not changed to measure miles?)

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