1971 Mercedes Benz 280 SE


This 1971 Mercedes 280 SE was purchased from the former owner in Tacoma WA. He had intended to restore it but a move to Arizona persuaded him to sell.

2.8 L M130 I6 engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car has had the fuel tank replaced, a new fuel pump installed, the fuel lines and injectors flushed. Before starting the engine, a compression check revealed 125 psig per cylinder. New front brakes, rotors, pads and a new master cylinder were installed. Rear brakes were fine and just needed to be bled. The rear spring set was replaced as an incorrect spring had been installed which gave the car too much rear positive camber. Front idler arms were replaced and the car aligned correctly. Next the electrical system was gone through, electric door switches replaced and motor mechanisms adjusted so all the electric windows functioned correctly. The original radio was sent back to New York to Becker Audio who rebuilt the radio and a new speaker was installed. Head light switches, wipers and turns signals were checked to be sure they were all functional. New horns were installed. New interior carpeting was installed and new MB Tex seats installed if the old seat was damaged. The wood trim along the dash to front window was sent to Madera Concepts in Santa Barbara for restoration. Finally, the car was re-painted to the original German Grau-Blau (Gray-Blue) and the exterior chrome polished with a kit from Mercedes to bring back its luster. The car has been brought back to a good driver, a car the new owner could enjoy driving, without getting too upside down on costs. It could be taken further if the new owner wishes or kept as it and enjoyed.


Price $16,995
Miles n/a
Color Gold


Year 1971
Make Mercedes Benz
Model 280 SE