1961 Borgward P100

Mind-Bendingly scarce. Significant

00G0G_4hGs8J2WKvq_600x45000A0A_iHjlZqFdmWb_600x45000I0I_54dkRbe9JaQ_600x450 00e0e_fAZEZ5ksmOw_50x50c00m0m_3c9TwybusBE_50x50c 00R0R_3iPJzzJMQa4_50x50c 00t0t_jC0W7XefUGC_50x50c 00W0W_cjxXwvxePGL_50x50c 01717_6pARKPTzxnL_50x50c1961 Borgward P100 sedan one of 2500 cars built from 59-62, has a straight six with a three speed on the column actual mileage is just over 61k .The car does run and with a little work i think it could be a driver. I have about 95% of the car, it is missing some hub caps and small pieces here and there. All the glass is in good shape does have rust in the lower quarter panels and surface rust on the roof.



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