1952 Borgward Midget “Eegore the Eyesore” Famously Raced


Built and raced by Wally and Kenny Parks of NHRA and Bell Helmet fame

  • Built in the ‘60s by Kurtis Kraft and never modernized
  • Originally raced in Hawaii

Four-speed gearbox, drum brakes, independent four-wheel coil spring suspension; wheelbase: 102”

In 1956, Borgwards’s racing division in Bremen, Germany, set about developing a 1.5-litre four-valve engine, based on the Isabella, with fuel injection and dual ignition. The resulting 150 HP engine powered the Borgward RS to numerous class victories. In 1959, this model was ideal for the newly established 1.5-litre Formula Two. Stirling Moss was driving a Cooper-Borgward and recorded four wins in the first four races. The famous racecar driver is quoted as saying that Formula Two meant little to him at the time – until he sat in the Cooper with the Borgward engine.

Wally Parks and his brother saw that success and found themselves a Borgward engine and a suitable Kurtis Kraft chassis. They broke it down to the essential components only, moved the engine block back for optimum handling performance, and placed the driver’s compartment back near the rear axle. Add in big and little race wheels and tires, and you’ve got a classic stance and the ability to go very fast on the dirt. There are even photos of the Parks brothers with Eegore at a number of famous California oval tracks.

The hand-formed boattail body has a classic look, with a single, central seat, small windscreen, and a racing three-spoke steering wheel just begging to be whipped around the track. It’s all business inside, with the four-speed floor shifter and metal dash containing only the essentials – and a few mementos of hot-rod events from the past. It’s an authentic presentation with enough wear and tear to show anyone that this car is the real deal, and actually raced by Kenny Parks.

Custom painted in pink, with hand-lettered graphics and louvered engine panels, Eegore has a single straight pipe out the right side and a hand-formed streamlined tail section, along with a custom front grille with devilish horns for fun. Headlights….taillights….turn signals – bah….who needs ‘em. Stay out of my way and follow the cloud of dust! #32 isn’t waiting for anyone, and we’re sure the next owner is in for just as much fun as the Parks brothers behind the wheel of this period classic.


Price Sold
Miles n/a
Color Pink


Year 1952
Make Borgward
Model Midget