1968 BMW R50-2 Motorcycle


Lot 603- 1968 BMW R50-2 Motorcycle

The /2 line was introduced in 1960, and was based heavily on the R51/2 introduced in 1950.
The line consisted of four versions of the same essential motorcycle: the 500cc R50/2 (you see pictured here for auction), a sporting version called the R50S, a 600cc R60/2, and a sportier version of that called the R69S.

Fun fact: Prior to the three- and four-cylinder K-series, “R” was the BMW designation for all motorcycles. It stands for “Rad,” a German abbreviation for “motorrad,” which translates to “motorbike.” The numbers generally represent rough cubic centimeter designations (i.e., “R50” would be a 500cc motorcycle), and the “/2” designation denotes twin-cylinder engines.)


Price $0
Miles n/a


Year 1968
Make BMW
Model R50-2